Although this website has been up and running since last fall…it’s been far from finished. Ahhh…”finished” is something that doesn’t happen with websites… kinda’ like life….keeping up with the changes, editing, moving on, changing directions. You’re never finished with a website, but I can honestly say that it’s ready for you to see!Crab tree, pink blossoms, spring flowers

This has been a great process. Reviewing, editing and deciding the images that I want to showcase is a challenge. I can go back to 4×5 film, 120 film, 35mm, or just the new digital shots. There’s quite a lot to cover,but in the end, I have to remind myself to, KISS- keep it simple, stupid! Simplicity reigns in my choices for design, in life and yes, I hope the website reflects that as well.

Dive in, enjoy viewing and please, I’d love to hear your comments!

Spring forth and prosper!